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The article, Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience, was not written with homebirth in mind, but accurately captures the essence of homebirth advocacy.

Let's take a look at the criteria for pseudoscience and how homebirth advocacy meets virtually every criterion.1. Instead of bothering to consult reference works or investigating directly, its advocates simply spout bogus "facts" where needed.

Such logical contradictions are simply ignored or rationalized away..."Childbirth is painless.

Childbirth is very painful, but the pain can be managed with the right attitude.

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The ratio of number of residents in Plantation to the number of sex offenders is 5,501 to 1.

A high-school dropout is accepted as an expert on archaeology ...

A psychoanalyst is accepted as an expert on all of human history, not to mention physics, astronomy, and mythology, even though his claims are inconsistent with everything known in all four fields..."Henci Goer and Ina May Gaskin have no training in their supposed areas of "expertise".

"Pseudoscience relies heavily on subjective validation. Joe Blow puts jello on his head and his headache goes away.

To pseudoscience, this means jello cures headaches...

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